Sai is the art teacher's assistant in Konoha College. He is in charge of teaching the students how to draw designs on their wooden sculptures, and how to sketch real-life images on paper. However, his job as an assistant changes when Yamato, his superior, is switched to student dean upon Kakashi Hatake (CastleFalcon)'s arrival.

He is the rival of Sasuke Uchiha (CastleFalcon), when it comes to drawing that is. Sai usually surpasses Sasuke in the area. His life long dream is to become a famous artist, much like picasso.

Sai is usually calm and collected, sometimes even emotionless. The only time he shows emotion is when he prides his artwork or when something is going on.

Sai wears regular former wear, a coat, white dressy shirt, a tie, dressy pants, and dressy shoes. He has black hair, and has it neatly comed down. When promoted to assistant-dean, he wears a walky-talky on his belt line, along with a small badge clipped onto his coat.

Sai usually carries a pocket-sized notepad and pen, which he uses for drawing.