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Hinata, Hikane Uzumaki (infront of Naruto)]]Naruto & Hinata's family. Hikane happens to be the first born, who was born durring Naruto: College Freshmen. Ichiro was later concieved durring the third fanfiction, after about 9 months after an affair between Hinata and Naruto. Hikane was three years of age upon Haru's birth.

The Uzumaki House Edit

Naruto and Hinata's house has a really eastern theme to it, the living space having a table for tea, and floor pillows, along with a plasma screen, shelf, and sterio. There are 3 rooms in the house, a kitchen, and a small office.

Since Naruto and Hinata were 19 years of age when they concieved Hikane, they were supported by their famillies, though they too had to maintain a career and balance of their own money. However this changes when Hikane turns three; Haru is born. Both being 22 years of age are more responsible, and more ready to take care of another child.

Naruto works as an office manager. Despite his young age, they thought he was ready for the position, due to his ambitious and enthusiastic attitude. He makes 5,973,378.69 YEN ($78,000) a year. Hinata works as an instructor at Konoha Middle School. She teaches science, and despite her young age, she took the time to earn her bachelor's while pregnant, and for a short period of time after Hikane was born. She makes 3,298,529.28 YEN ($43,000) a year.


Current family color is Orange