Hello, and welcome to the Sequel of Naruto: Senior Year! This fanfiction is made by ♦FortressSwanTalk Page ♦ 02:31, August 7, 2012 (UTC), who does not own Naruto, or claims to own it. If you haven't read Naruto:Senior Year, I suggest you read it before reading this one, since you wouldn't get much of the story. Anyways, this is a PG-13 fanfiction, and can get above the level at anytime, so be warned. After all, enjoy my fanfic!


Chapter 1: A New Year

Chapter 2: Past, Present

Chapter 3: What happens?

Chapter 4: Hinata and Naruto, no more!

Chapter 5: Shocking Surprise

Chapter 6: Adjunction

Chapter 7: Day off, Matsuri and Gaara

Chapter 8: Confession of Matsuri

Chapter 9: Neji & Tenten

Chapter 10: Naruto & Hinata, face to face

(The End)