Wolf's Rain - Gravity Lyrics (Full)

Wolf's Rain - Gravity Lyrics (Full)

The past....colored in shades of grey..

Chapter 2Edit

180px-Gaara kid 11

Little Kid Gaara

The clock's hands regress for a short period of time, enough for a flashback of Gaara's childhood to be shown on the stationary suface of the water.

There he walked. It's the first day of kindergarden. He waves goodbye to his parents, in a timid fashion. Clutching onto his teddy bear, he would walk next to the teacher as she escorts him over to his desk. All day long, he was cast aside by the kids, was chosen last by the teacher, and was left alone durring reccess. Holding onto his teddy bear, he would sit down at the entrance of the playground, and cry as he watches the other children play. This happened for the rest of the year.

He grew up with a lonley mind set.

Years later, on his first day of Middle School, he was bullied by the popular kids, Ichigo and Chad. Day after day, he would get pushed around, thrown, and hit. No matter how many times he told his principle, how many times he got counciled....nothing would happen.

Then came that day, the day when he attempted suicide. He was caught by Neji Hyuga (CastleFalcon) on the basketball court drinking pills. Watching Gaara pass out, he runs over to a nearby adult; the Janitor. Gaara was quickly rushed to the hospital, and was saved with only eight minutes of his life left.

Neji would sadly look down at Gaara, who is wrapped around in covers on his hospital bed. He would open his mouth, and quietly say, "You aren't alone...". Gaara begins to cry, at the sound of the words.

Ever since then, Neji was Gaara's best friend.

After years of hanging out with Neji and his friends (Rock Lee (CastleFalcon), Tenten (CastleFalcon), and Choji Akimichi (CastleFalcon)), he randomly got word from the front office; "Gaara, sadly, your parents are no longer with us.". They had died in a car had his siblings.

Years pass, and he was left a traumatized wreck. Neji would always stay by his side, sometimes offering him an invitation to his house to stay over for a few days.

So there stands Gaara, at the door entrance. Sad and lonley, he would take a step into the dorm.