Flow - Sign Sentimental (NARUTO OPENING)

Flow - Sign Sentimental (NARUTO OPENING)

Followed by a late arrival would be Omoi (CastleFalcon) & Karui (CastleFalcon), the two exchange students deriving from Kumogakure who were transferred over to Konoha College. Karui would direct her amber eyes over to Omoi's thoughtful expression as she exits the plane, to which she would ask him, "Yo, Omo-chan, wha do yo' think of diss scool...?". Bringing his hand over to his chin, he would look down, going into deep thought; only to think aloud, "Hmmm..I dunno....we just gotta' take a' look..". Karui simply looks the other way, muttering a light; "aigght....", to which she walks over to her appointed dorm, with Omoi walking over to his. Surprisingly, Omoi ends up in Shikamaru's dorm, while Karui ends up in Sakura's dorm; she would be taking over Hinata's empty room (note that Hinata is now living with Naruto Uzumaki (CastleFalcon)).

Chapter 2Edit

Ino brings her attention over to the Karui, to which she introduces herself and the other roommates; "Hello, I'm Ino Yamanaka (CastleFalcon), the girl with the pink hair is Sakura Haruno (CastleFalcon), and the girl with the brown eyes is Matsuri (CastleFalcon)! Please, let me show you around!"". Karui smiles, and introduces herself aswell, "Name's Karui...sho' me mahh room guuurll!". After everything was accomadated and unpacked, Karui begins to make good friends with Ino, and the rest of her roommates over a bottle of beer.

As for Omoi, things turned out to be much simpler. Seeing Omoi entering the door, Shikamaru Nara (CastleFalcon), who was watching T.V. by himself lazily gets up, and greets him; "Hey, my name's Shikamaru..I heard about my roommate comming in late....". Omoi goes into thought once more which him to unwrap a lolipop, look at Shikamaru, and introduce himself as well, "Mah name's Omoi. Say izz that da' game on da flat-screen?". Shikamaru nods, to which Omoi jumps onto the couch, and simply watches it.

Shikamaru sits on the other end of the couch, to which he brings up an interesting conversation. "Man...this year has been such a drag...especially with the girls..". Omoi's attention quickly shifts from the television screen, over to Shikamaru's eyes. With a shy and yet ambitious tone, Omoi would ask, "Do you know how to get a girl...?".

Shikamaru would nod, bringing him to say, "I already have one....why, are you interested in someone?".

After a short pause, Omoi quietly mutters,

"Her name's Karui...".