Likes: Kelly Carlson & Alexa Bond, Imagining
Dislikes: Laquanda, Thinking
Likes: Boys, Talking, Singing, Dancing, Shopping, the Mall, Movies
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Eyes
Favorite Food: Sushi, Sea Food
Favorite Drinks: Smoothies & Coke & Water
Favorite Color: Orange

Alexa Bond is the friend of the main character, Kelly Carlson. Like her friends, she is a complete air-head, and completely forgets about thinking. She loves to imagine.

Character BioEdit


Alexa imagines herself as an elemental fairy.

Alexa is a complete air-head like her friends, and loves to watch the show, "The Winx Club". She imagines herself as a fairy, and beleives that she has firey cosmic powers.

She loves to shop at the mall and will do anything to get what she wants. She has a pet terrier named "doggie" because she ran out of kitty-name ideas.

Her favorite mall is dadeland. Once she sang something that she thought was awsome, but it was completley off tone.

Like her friends, she goes to colledge, and gets extremley bad grades.

Theme Song Edit

Jahm - The X Factor 2010 - Auditions Week 1

Jahm - The X Factor 2010 - Auditions Week 1

Her Theme Song is "Bad Romance" by Lady Haha